In attendance: Janice-Shore Things, Cindy-Sentry, David- Two Lights Dental, Patrick-Patrick Jones Photography, April- Maine Real Estate Network, Laurel-SOPO Cottage, Colleen-MAINELY Chiropractic, Stacy-Back Office Expert, Julie-Earth Angel Arts, Alyssa Dumond – Core Virtual Support
Discussion regarding what has been done over the last year and what we want to accomplish over the next year…
• 2016: Festival, Directory, Networking and Cocktail hours, Shop small and coupon book, Winter Fest Support, Scholarships, Toy Drive Sponsorship, Strawberry Festival Sponsorship.
What can we accomplish reasonably within 2017?
Options were placed on the board and all in attendance voted on which ones they felt were doable with the limited time and the rebuilding of the organization:
1. Research other Buy Local organizations and possible meeting with boards to see what has worked for them. (7)
2. Survey (3)
3. Scholarships (7)
4. Winterfest sponsorship
5. Knightville Festival and Strawberry Festival $250.00 Sponsorship only (7)
6. Networking-Big event for members (4)
7. Holiday event in Cape again? (2)
8. Shop Small (4)
Therefore it was voted that we would do the following over the next year:
1. Work with other Buy Local organizations to see what has worked and what has not.
2. Scholarships will be given out this year: $500.00 to each school for a graduating senior attending SMCC.
3. Sponsorship of Knightville Fest and Strawberry Fest $250.00 each so that SOPO and CE are both represented.
4. SHOP Small Saturday: We will host an event, a networking event, for the members and build excitement for the upcoming Shop small and the following year 2018, in September and October.
Discussion regarding dues for 2017
It was discussed and voted that we continue to charge dues for 2017. We as an organization will be moving forward and there is a benefit to the members. We have the website and have agreed upon the aforementioned events/involvement, whereby members can benefit.
Next Meeting
Third Tuesday of the month: May 16th, 2017 @ 6:00PM at the code enforcement office.